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Our hardy, heritage birds are bred from “Old World” chickens originating in France and Italy.  The birds are grown slowly over a 9 to 12 week period, in order to achieve superior taste and texture. 


Italian Red (Pollo Rosso)

The Kosmos K22 is bred to be a slow-growing, free-range bird, with firm, flavorful meat.

K22 Adult chicken for broiling or roasting

French Red (Poulet Rouge)

A meatier bird, slow growing, also bred for taste and texture.

American white-feathered chicken

American White-Feathered

Excellent conformation, with plump, tender breast meat and good skin texture.

chickens for broiling or roasting

Broilers and Roasters

We provide the weight you desire. Full grown broilers range between 3.5 to 4.5 lbs processed weight. Roasters over 6 lbs are available.

K22 chicks supplied by GourmAvian Farms - one day or 3 week old


We supply live day-old and 2, 3 or 4 week old chicks, as straight run, cockerel or pullets, red or white.


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